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City of Swan · Waste Service for Gidgegannup

In accordance with Governor's Orders it is proposed that the City of Swan boundary will be adjusted to incorporate the current Shire of Mundaring effective from 1 July 2015. There will also be adjustments to the boundary with the City of Bayswater.

As part of the proposed local government reform, City staff have been investigating options to align waste and recycling services across the City of Swan, areas of the City of Bayswater and the Shire of Mundaring.

At the time of writing this report, it appears unlikely that the boundary adjustment will go ahead on 1 July 2015. Given this uncertainty and the limited amount of time to implement changes, it is proposed that no further work will be undertaken on aligning waste and recycling services for implementation on 1 July 2015.

As part of the investigations, staff were proposing to address the current anomaly in Gidgegannup where the properties receive a differing level of service but don't pay waste rates. This matter can still be considered by Council irrespective of whether or not the proposed boundary adjustment occurs.

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