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Kookaburra Cinema · Season Opening Night

Hi Everyone,

We are now well advanced towards the re-opening night which is now to be on Boxing Night (Friday Dec 26th).

Thus as the work at the cinema itself has eased off I am moving into the programming phase & as usual am seeking your feedback on what titles you would like to see screened this season. The choice now is enormous as the limiting factor of very few actual film copies which must remain at any site screening them until the run is over has ceased with the switch to digital format. The only restriction I now have as a Sub Run site (little fish) is that I must wait at least 4 weeks from initial release date so that the larger sites (big fish) who operate Day & Date have had first go at the titles before Sub Run sites can screen anything.

Also as the digital revolution has now freed up Family / Childrens movies I am exploring the idea of running through January at least 3 & possibly 4 of that type and looking at the possibility of screening 4 nights a week for that period having the family movie on Thursday & Saturday nights and the normal Adult selections screened on the Friday & the Sunday nights. Does that splitting of the screening nights create issues for you or would it be better to run family titles Thurs & Friday & Adults films Sat & Sunday.thoughts please.

Regards, Lindsay @ Kookaburra

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